Information for CTC Event Organisers

About CTC Events Online I set this up due to the lack of facilities offered within the CTC and the prices that other event companies charge, which is usually a min of 5% of entry fee or £1.00 minimum charge.

Having taken online payments for Merseyside CTC for the last three years I realised there was a gap need for CTC Clubs for a low cost alternative.

If you have any further queries about using CTC Events Online, please do not hesitate to contact myself, and I will get back to you.

About CTC Events Online

As an event coordinator I had had enough of receiving illegible forms, filling in spreadsheets and banking cheques every few days from people wanting to enter are events. CTC Events resides on a dedicated server that has hard-drive failure protection.

Main Features

CTC Events Online offers your riders and you the organiser an easy to use, secure online entry system, and Paypal payment gateway so there with their personal details remain safe.

We will provide the following

email confirmation response
A database of all entries
Individual event entry including event logos, sponsors, charity involvement
Individual entry forms. Unlimited additional questions specific to your needs
Discounts - For Junior's, over 65 whatever you like
Spread sheets dedicated to
CTC Tourist Competition Events

Card Payment

CTC Events Online uses the Paypal payment gateway

The following card types are accepted:
VISA Debit
VISA Electron
Paypal Transfer

At CTC Events Online payment security is very important so using Paypal users feel safe as its encripted to the highest level

Setup Process

Organiser contact me with their requirements and we work together to build a form just for their needs and requirements and run a testing phase before making the event live on-line.


CTC Events Online takes charges .60p from the payment received up to a value of £15.
Events over
£15.01 - £19.99 we take a charge of .65p
£20.00 - £24.99 we take a charge of .70p
Other prices on request.

There are no setup fees for the organiser subject to a minimum of 50 participants and payments to event organiser can be made every two weeks, every month or when reaching an agreed. All amounts are paid by bank transfer.

CTC Events is an online event and Payment Gateway for
CTC Clubs / Affialted Only with any profits generated going to Wirral Wheelers(CTC Affialted )

Contact Info:

Graham Lewis
6 Burdeet Road
CH4 58NR